About Onmo

We are at the start of an amazing journey

Onmo believes that everyone has the right to access, understand and manage their money with confidence. Our ambition is to improve lives by providing better clarity, intelligence and technology to empower every individual in making the smartest financial decisions. We may be young but we have an incredible team in place, Financial Conduct Authority authorisation, and big ambitions for the years ahead...

Supporting Financial Freedom

Sometimes, money can seem complicated, confusing and overwhelming.*

We design our products to help demystify money matters wherever possible, providing customers with more financial control and flexibility in their lives. This helps them get more from what they have, or with smart decisions, make more of the same. It also means people spend less time with the negative aspects of money and more on the positive - enjoying what the world has to offer.

*Which isn't helped by the smallest of smallprint or tricky t's and c's

Financial Freedom

We love what we do

Onmo was founded to create a fairer, more dynamic (and less mechanical) approach to money.

So, whether it’s product innovations like improving the visual insights in our app or a call with a customer, we try to make every experience smart and engaging. We like to think our passion is infectious - and with a fast-growing customer base and support team, it appears to be paying off!

About Onmo

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You can apply for an Onmo Credit Card via the comparison site, Clearscore.